Sunday, November 25, 2012

Today I am Thankful..

Today I am thankful for having a job and all of my wonderful coworkers who, make each work day enjoyable.
Today I am thankful for Gwynedd Mercy College. I have met so many fantastic people, whose friendships will last forever.
I am thankful for the Voices of Gwynedd, for allowing me to escape life for a few hours and just sing.
I am MOST thankful for my friends and family. I have no idea what I would do without them! If there is anything that I have learned this year, is when tragedy happens you learn who is truly there for you and I am surrounded by some amazing people! :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond Gothic

 As you guys know I am a huge fan of One Tree Hill and Bethany Joy Lenz. Who is known for her role as Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill. I was also just recently introduced to @Hellogiggles, which I LOVE! With that being said, I am proud to introduce a new found read of mine and its called Diamond Gothic!


Bethany Joy is an actresswritersingercomposerproducer&mom, most well known from ONE TREE HILLJC Coccoli is a comedian (Comedy Central, Countdown w/ Keith Olberman), writer and actress from Pittsburgh, PA who writes funny, talks weird, and is cute as hell. And, Abigail Spencer is an actress (Mad Men, Cowboys & Aliens) writer, producer, mother, UgandaProject Activist, one day traveler and constant dreamer. Follow the girls on Twitter @BethanyJoyLenz @JCCoccoli @AbigailSpencer and of course @DiamondGothic

The Link is below, go and check it out! You wont be sorry! :)



p.s. all information above was from the hellogiggles website. I in no way take credit for anything. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hatfields and McCoys

I am a big history fan and an even bigger Kevin Costner fan! When I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel promoting his new mini series Hatfields and McCoys I knew that it had to be good. With it being set during the civil war, which in my opinion Kevin Costner was meant for these type of period pieces. I knew I just had to watch.  Tonight is the third and final night of the mini series, but I am fairly certain that it is bound to be played and replayed over again on the History Channel. Aside from Kevin Costner the rest of the cast is amazing as well, With Bill Paxton, Tom Berenger, Matt Barr, Lindsay Pulsipher, Jena Malone, and Mare Winningham. So if you have not already been tuning in, make sure you catch up and watch the last episode. See how this legendary feud between families first began.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This #Naleyreunion as everyone has been calling it tonight seriously brought me to tears. As well as the rest of the episode! By far my FAVORITE episode of the season, maybe even the series. I LOVE Mark Schwan.

Check it out!



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Blogger on the phone!

Yay! I know its been a while but I can now blog anywhere I go! It is now on my phone! Now there is offically no excuse to not to publish an entry ateast once a



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Friday, January 6, 2012

F Cancer

You are probably asking yourself "What is F Cancer?" This cause is designed to help spread the word on early detection of cancer. Many other important charities are focused on finding a cure, when its proven that over 90% of all cancer's are curable if detected in stage one. If it was any other disease, we'd say that a cure had been found. It is for sure important to continue research, but right now early detection is the best cure that we have right now for cancer. The funny thing is not many people are aware of that fact. 

By just showing people how to detect the early signs of cancer we can save so many lives! 

Recently my family was touched by cancer in the recent death of my Aunt. She fought esophageal cancer for many months before she lost her battle. If she had detected the cancer sooner and went to the doctor things might have ended differently. That is why I have recently Sophia Bush's "F Cancer" campaign on Crowdrise. Please click the link below and help raise money so we can spread the word on early detection and help save lives! 

Thank you, 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Sending Best Wishes to all of you and your families! May the year 2012 be filled with wonderful memories and bring us all great joy! 

xo Kait