Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday and Wedding Filled Weekend!!!

Sorry for being so MIA this week, as school approaches I am getting busier and busier. My birthday was this past Wednesday, the 22nd.I am now a 21 yr old young adult now, well at least that's what my mom tells me...haha. Im really not all that sure, sometimes I feel I am no where near being an adult. I spent the day with the fam. It was really funny because early in the day my mom decides to take me, my friend Jess, and my out to lunch. Im like awesome mom can I get a drink and of course she's like sure that fine. So we get to the restaurant and guess what I forget...my id of course. So my mom ends up having to by me the drink and sneak me some sips. Now how funny is that. I could not stop cracking up...haha.

Then that night a few friend from school drove down and hung out that night, along with my friends from home. We all went to TGI Friday's because I love their birthday song, its the best one out there I swear.

Here it is

I dont know what Ive been told
Some one here is getting old
I dont know but its been said
Some one's face is turning red
Sound off HAPPY
Sound off BIRTHDAY

It was so cute my friend Nick texted me the entire song. I was so surprised that he remembered the whole song...lol. Instead of getting me desert they bought me a shot of Tequila. My friend Mel gave me two wrapped boxes, one of them had 21 dollars in quarters and the bigger box had 10 small bottles of different types of alcohol. My friend Katie got me a cute little nurse decoration, a rita's gift card, and this creepy little doll named Charles, that has a really long story behind it. Someday I might tell you guys because its pretty funny. Lastly my friend Kryssy got me a gift card to Borders. :) I think I made out pretty well..haha.

Thursday I hung out with my friends Steph and Mel. We all just decided to hang out at Mel's house and watch movies. Mel also caught us up on True blood. I had not been up to date and she is completely obsessed with this show...haha. All in all the night was fun, I had not hung out with them for a little while. Catching up is always a good thing.

Friday I was headed to New York for my cousin Roberts wedding. It was completely wonderful. The brides dress was gorgeous..as always. She wore a simple white dress that came to a v in the front, which made the dress very elegant. Then down the back was a trail of buttons, when I saw that I though OMG how long did it take to do all of them, it must have taken at least an hour. The bridesmaids wore simple tea length turqouise type of dress that was strapless. Definitely a dress that you could reuse..haha.The Ceremony started at 3pm and of course we ended up getting to the church late, due to an accident that involved a car going up in flames. Although I assure you we did not find that out until we got back to the hotel before the recepton. It was on the news and I felt horrible for complaining in the backseat of my father's car because it was to hot. While I was complaining about being hot and in a dress someone could have neem dieing or seriously injured.

The reception was a lot of fun. I was able to sit at the adult table..haha. My cousins and I were like yea man we're moving up in the world. There was tons of dancing...the groomsman were insane. One of them loved doing the worm, which always made me laugh. I even danced with my Uncle Bobbie which was an experience...haha. But it was fun none the less. By the end of the night I was really glad that we came. It was nice seeing family that I had not seen in a while. My older brother even came, which almost never happens. Him and family occasions don't mix and by the end of the night they were glad they decided to join the festivites. His girlfriend Bridget is one dancing fool, she doesnt need a man she is a force all on her own when she dances...haha.

Thats all for now!


p.s. I will have some pics posted from my bday and the wedding up soon :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Belated Sophia

I have been meaning to post a blog entry for Sophia Bush's birthday on July 8, but it just never happened. So here is a little summary describing our lovely Sophia.

She was born on July 8, 1982 in Los Angeles, California, but grew up in Pasadena, California. The daughter of Charles and Maureen Bush, Sophia is an only child. Sophia originally started acting at her high school, Westridge School for Girls. Theater was a requirement at her school. This was something she was originally irritated about, but she fell in love with being on the stage.

In 2002, Sophia got her start in acting with the role of Sally in “Van Wilder”. That same year, she also appeared in HBO’s “Point of Origin” and the independent feature “Learning Curves”. In 2003, she booked guest appearances on “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” (playing Fate Mackenzie) and “Nip/Tuck” (playing Ridley).

The following her guest appearances, she booked her breakout role playing the girl we all love and feisty cheerleader Brooke Davis, on “One Tree Hill”. Over the last six years while filming OTH she has taken part in productions such as Stay Alive(2006), John Tucker Must die(2006), The Hitcher(2007), along with her most recent productions Table for Three(2008) and The Narrows(2009).

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Hope your day was as bright and shiney as your smile!

Best Wishes!



p.s. picture curtosy of Stunning Sophia Bush

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boston Final Part

Hello All :)

It has come to the end of my trip to Boston :(. I kind of wish that I was there still, because a few days ago we had a picture party for the choir. People had brought doubles of there pictures that they had taken and showed them to everyone, and my fear has come true. I earlier told you about how one of the directors Dave might be leaving the choir. Well, sadly it has come to the light and its true. He chose the picture party to tell everyone that he would be leaving, but it was not because he wanted to but because he was offered a wonderful job at Valley forge Christina Military Academy. We are all so happy for him and glad that he has found such a great opportunity, he will be sadly missed but his presence will not be lost. He has promised to come and visit along with attend our concerts that we have a Christmas and in the spring. :)

ok now onto Boston...Day 4

The last two days of the trip were very hectic. That Saturday morning we all actually got to sleep in a little bit but as soon as we got up we had to head to this place called Quincy Market. That was actually where the Cheers bar is, we at there that past Friday! It really is the cutest place. There are so many places to eat walk around, along with lost of street vendors. We all sang there and then we had free time afterward that was really nice. We walked around and I ended up spending $40 dollars on a piece of cloth that was absolutely the worst purchase I could have made in my life. It was one of those pieces of cloth that can do like a hundred different things and when its being shown to you it looks really cool and neat. Then you buy it and try to do it yourself and your like FML because it does not work the same way for you as it did for the vendor. I swear every time I think of that purchase or see that piece of cloth my blood pressure goes up..haha. Aside from that the day was great, weather was absolutely beautiful. I was able to get a few things for my family and some of my friends. I got my friend a stuffed Lobster and it was really funny because I had originally wanted to get him a t-shirt and asked him his size. His response was " not gonna tell you..lol. be creative i would b for you" I was not very happy with this response..lol. So I told him " you either tell me what your size is or your getting a lobster." His response to this was "ohhh i luv lobster" Lo and behold he had no idea that he was actually getting a stuffed animal and not a real lobster. He was very surprised when he saw what I had gotten him..haha.

Day 5

Now this day as fast paced as it was had to have been my favorite! On the last day of this trip we got to sing in the Old North Church, you know where the old "One by Land, Two by Sea" came from. This church is absolutely BeAutiful! Since it was a part of the freedom trail while we were waiting for the Sunday service to start we got to hear some backround information on the church. Its not like any church that I have seen, there aren't any pews like in a regular church but boxes with high walls and seats. Back in the olden days the preacher would stand high above the crowd and in order to sit in the church you had to buy your seat and the closer to the front you were the more money you had to pay. Once you bought your seat you could decorate it anyway you liked..they had an example of how one would be decorated for that time period but my feet were killing me so I just headed back to the bus. As wonderful and charming as this church was when you are wearing heals that you haven't broken in yet(bad idea) your feet will kill you because to get to the church you have to walk up this big hill. Its not that bad, could be worse but the shoes are what make the difference.

Then after the service we left and went to Newberry St, its supposed to be the 5th Ave of Boston. I thought that it was pretty neat, there were a ton and I mean a ton of shops. A lot of them were well known designers. Since the service at the church ran long, we didn't have a lot of time to explore. The only thing that was able to be done was get lunch, eat it, and then head back to the bus. I was pretty bummed about that but what can you do right? I'll go back there again on day.

I was pretty sad to have the trip end so soon. It felt that we had just gotten to Boston and here we were leaving. I am so thankful that I went on this trip. Especially now that we all know Dave is leaving. When he told us my heart almost broke. Don't get me wrong I am happy for him, but I feel that I am finally getting to know everyone and now here is goes leaving us. Life just isn't fair sometimes but I just have to remember its not like he's dieing. He's just moving on to bigger and better things. That its not the end its the beginning. :)

I hope that you enjoyed reading about my trip...I hope I didn't bore you to much :)

Much Love,

p.s. The rest of my pictures will be up on flickr. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Frisky Penquins and Evil Mosquitos

Remember when I told you how when I went to the Aquarium that we caught the penguins getting a little frisky well...I thought that I would post the video for you guys. Of course you dont have to watch it..haha. I wasn't even sure that you guys would even want to see it..but I was like what the hell..haha.

Now these have nothing to do with the frisky penguins, but I thought these pictures were funny. These are called King Penguins..I think..haha. But in the first picture it looks like the one penguin is worshiping this other penguin that is on top of this rock who is acting all high and mighty. Then in the next picture the penguin on the rock is like "Im king of the world!" haha.

Here is a video that I took for you guys as a little preview of the classical concert that we went to at Tanglewood. Now at the end you'll see the camera go a little crazy. Thats because there was this huge black mosquito decided to land right on top of my hand as I was recording. I had a very itchy bug bite the next day...was not fun..not fun at all.

By the way...I killed that mosquito dead!

Thats all for today/tonight folks..the rest of my trip will be up shortly. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Boston Part 2

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Independence Day =). I spent the day running errands with my mom. When we got home took a little nap, which was much enjoyable...then went to watch the fireworks with a couple of friend :)

Now on to my trip :)

The 2nd and 3rd days were way more interesting I promise you..ha ha. We did not spend over 6 hours on a bus, and let me tell you I have done long car rides before but for some reason it felt like we would never get there..lol.


we got up that Thursday the 25th our first stop of the day was Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. We got a tour of the whole place which was really neat, and we learned a lot of little facts about the Sox as well. It was so funny, our entire group was sitting in the press box and our tour guide is trying to see if there are any Red Sox fans and this girl Darcy who I roomed with goes I LOVE the NY Yankee's and everyone knows that they have the biggest rivalry in baseball. It was so hilarious...our tour guide was like Darcy by the end of this tour you and I are going to be great friends...we all could not stop laughing. It was so amazing how much history made up that one stadium. Everyone wanted to go onto the field, but they were getting ready for some charity event so no one was allowed on the field :(. The best part of the tour though was when we got to stand on top of the Green Monster. The Green Monster is this huge wall the Mr. Yawkey who was the last owner of the Red Sox. He had the wall built " To keep the balls in and the freeloaders out." Words by Mr. Yawkey himself..lol.

Then it was off to the New England Aquarium. We were greeted by the penguins, and they are some friendly penguins at that. Our group was taking pictures of them and all of the sudden tw
o penguins start getting frisky with one another. Those penguins were the most talked about exhibit the entire time we were there...haha. This may be nasty, but i managed to get a video of the two penguins and my friend Jenn and I showed it to the assistant director of the choir Dave (he has a very dirty mind) and he started laughing hysterically. Then looking me straight in the eye he said " I never thought I would see that day that Kaitlan Heaton was more wrong then I am!" Omg it was hilarious. That was the most exciting that happened while we were there, on a side note I was able to get a picture of Nemo!! I was so happy, I thought that they weren't going to have him and then towards the end there he was...it took me forever to get a non blurry picture of him. I officially need a new camera(adding that to my bday list).

Then for Lunch we went to this place called Quincy Market and we ate at Cheers. Yes! I said Boston is not only the home of the Boston Red Sox, but also the filming of the wonderful show Cheers! Only a couple of us went there, but we all had a good time. Dave could not stop talking about the wonderful Boston beer that they served there, which apparently is only served in Boston and how Jenn wasn't drinking hers fast enough..haha.

Then we all went back to the hotel for about an hour to rest and get ready for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The food there was AWESOME!! I encourage everyone to go there and try the macaroni and cheese w/ chicken. It is the BEST Mac n Cheese that I have ever tasted, besides my mom's of course. :) After we ate I went to the gift shop and got my mom and my dad t-shirts and my friend Jess a shot glass to add to her collection.

End of day 2

Day 3

This had to be the best day out of all the days that we were there...we went to Harvard! It was soo neat and the campus is absolutely gorgeous. Just after one glance I was completely hooked, I told the girls that I was with "I want to go to Harvard!" ha ha. The buildings and architecture is Beautiful, even thought they were built so long ago. I think that's what made the c
ampus so appealing you don't see buildings built like them anymore. Call me old fashioned, but I can't help myself! :) We walked in to the church and it was gorgeous, not like the church they have at Lehigh or Villanova University. You have to wait like 10 years to get on thier list. I could be wrong, don't quote me on it or anything. They have the biggest library that I have ever seen! We all wanted to go inside and check it out, but you needed a key card. I told all the girls that we should have waited and pretended that we forgot out key card. They weren't up for that..lol.

After touring the camp
us we walked around the square a little bit and looked at all of the cute shops. We walked in this one particular shop that was called Curious George and when you see a shop with that name you just have to go in. It was was filled with a lot of cool stuff. I ended up finding a book that my mom used to read me all the time before bed Good Night Moon. When I saw it I just had to get it, my mom laughed when I showed it to her and she was like "do you know how many copies of this I had to buy?" It was a nice trip down memory lane.

For lunch we all went to this Chinese restaurant and my friend Julie me up with us just as soon as we started putting in our order. I felt really bad because we were supposed to have a least an hour to hang out, but since our room that we were supposed to be practicing in before our concert the next day we had to leave early. Despite that I was glad she came to meet us anyway, even though she only had an hour. She even brought me a present, a t-shirt from her school Boston University.

Then for our final stop of the day we went to this place called Tanglewood. We saw a show done by the Emerson
Quartet. I am not one for classical music, but these guys were stupendous. I didn't fall asleep once, gotten eaten alive by mosquito's but sleep i did not. I was recording a little bit of the show to post for you guys and as I was recording this who hairy black mosquito landed straight on my hand and you can see at the end of the video the camera goes crazy because I just had to slap the bug. After that I felt itchy everyone that went was swatting at them. Since the whole back of the theatre was open all of the bugs flew in, the ushers were even spraying people with big spray it got so bad. I must admit though myself and the other girls were cracking up because all you would see was one of us suddenly swat at something or scream and you couldn't help but laugh...ha ha.

Part 3 coming up next!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

I think I'll go to Boston!

I know that I have mentioned it to a couple of people, but this past week I found my self in a city known as Boston, MA. I went there on a school trip with my choir. I must admit I was a little worried about how it might go, considering I have not really done much with the choir. I have been kind of putting it on the back burner, even though I really love to sing. This week I found out that there are a bunch a great people that make up this choir, and I wish that I had put more effort into getting to know these people sooner. Especially because once of the assistant directors might be leaving this year :(. He has not said anything yet, so keep your fingers crossed!

ok back to the trip...lol.

We left my school at 7 am on June 24th, which left me leaving the house at 5am because we had to be at the school by 6:15am in order to pack the bus. Our First stop once we got to Boston was to the Salem Witch Museum. It was a really neat place. When we first walked entered they put on a show for us that went through the whole Salem witch trails and what happened to some of the people. That was such a sad time, so many innocent people died and no one really new the truth until years later.

Also while we were there we walked by this really cool looking house. I thought it was so pretty that I just had to take a picture of it! The architecture up there is absolutely gorgeous. Then right across from the museum was the statue of Rodger Conant, who was the first settler of Salem. How cool is that!!!

Afterward we went to the hotel and everyone got settled in. It was so nice to finally get off that bus! Then for the last stop of the day we went to dinner at a restaurant called Maggianos and let me tell you it was no ordinary dinner..haha. Our waiter kept flirting with all of the girls at the table, and because he had I believe a french accent...all the girls were swooning. For desert he brought is like 5 pieces of cheesecake, that were huge! All of the girls kept cracking up because there was so much extra food that we had a whole bag filled almost to the top. I mean it might not sound as funny just hearing it, you definitely had to be there and not to mention I am the worst story teller ever! haha. But let me tell you we were all in stitches by the end of the night from laughing so hard! We all got a picture with him before we left, I wonder where I could find it? Since my camera died as soon as we got to the restaurant.

That night when we all got back to the hotel and the girls and I all ended up playing a game of rummy, which let me tell you I am horrible at. But none the less it was still a lot of fun. This girl named Jenn beat us every time..haha. It was still fairly early when we all hit the sack, which was weird because you would think that from sitting and sleeping most of the day on a bus you wouldn't be tired. Let me be the first to tell you, you are dead wrong. It wears you out to the point of exhaustion. Usually I can not fall asleep as soon as I lay in bed, but I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow..lol.

Hope ya'll had a good week!! :)

Stay tuned for more!



In honor of one of SGP's creators Birthday, I though I would right a little information about her!

We all were introduced to Hilarie as one of the hottest VJ's on MTV. Then we all fell in love with her when she acquired the role of Peyton Sawyer, a fiercely independent artist on the hit show One Tree Hill. She has also done other projects such as Solstice, Secret Life of Bee's, and just recently finished filming Provinces of Night directed by Shane Dex Taylor.

Today you can find her roaming around her home in Wilmington,NC working with her best pals and business partners Nick Grey and Kelly Tenney. If it had not been for her and SGP so many friendships would have been lost. It is because of her creativity all with everyone else that has helped form SGP that so many memories and friendships have been formed.

So I would just like to take the opportunity to say Thank you for allowing us to be apart of this wonderful company!

Hope that you had a wonderful day filled with laughter and joy!
Best wishes!


p.s. picture curtsy of Hilarie Burton Online