Monday, July 13, 2009

Frisky Penquins and Evil Mosquitos

Remember when I told you how when I went to the Aquarium that we caught the penguins getting a little frisky well...I thought that I would post the video for you guys. Of course you dont have to watch it..haha. I wasn't even sure that you guys would even want to see it..but I was like what the hell..haha.

Now these have nothing to do with the frisky penguins, but I thought these pictures were funny. These are called King Penguins..I think..haha. But in the first picture it looks like the one penguin is worshiping this other penguin that is on top of this rock who is acting all high and mighty. Then in the next picture the penguin on the rock is like "Im king of the world!" haha.

Here is a video that I took for you guys as a little preview of the classical concert that we went to at Tanglewood. Now at the end you'll see the camera go a little crazy. Thats because there was this huge black mosquito decided to land right on top of my hand as I was recording. I had a very itchy bug bite the next day...was not fun..not fun at all.

By the way...I killed that mosquito dead!

Thats all for today/tonight folks..the rest of my trip will be up shortly. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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