Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday and Wedding Filled Weekend!!!

Sorry for being so MIA this week, as school approaches I am getting busier and busier. My birthday was this past Wednesday, the 22nd.I am now a 21 yr old young adult now, well at least that's what my mom tells me...haha. Im really not all that sure, sometimes I feel I am no where near being an adult. I spent the day with the fam. It was really funny because early in the day my mom decides to take me, my friend Jess, and my out to lunch. Im like awesome mom can I get a drink and of course she's like sure that fine. So we get to the restaurant and guess what I forget...my id of course. So my mom ends up having to by me the drink and sneak me some sips. Now how funny is that. I could not stop cracking up...haha.

Then that night a few friend from school drove down and hung out that night, along with my friends from home. We all went to TGI Friday's because I love their birthday song, its the best one out there I swear.

Here it is

I dont know what Ive been told
Some one here is getting old
I dont know but its been said
Some one's face is turning red
Sound off HAPPY
Sound off BIRTHDAY

It was so cute my friend Nick texted me the entire song. I was so surprised that he remembered the whole song...lol. Instead of getting me desert they bought me a shot of Tequila. My friend Mel gave me two wrapped boxes, one of them had 21 dollars in quarters and the bigger box had 10 small bottles of different types of alcohol. My friend Katie got me a cute little nurse decoration, a rita's gift card, and this creepy little doll named Charles, that has a really long story behind it. Someday I might tell you guys because its pretty funny. Lastly my friend Kryssy got me a gift card to Borders. :) I think I made out pretty well..haha.

Thursday I hung out with my friends Steph and Mel. We all just decided to hang out at Mel's house and watch movies. Mel also caught us up on True blood. I had not been up to date and she is completely obsessed with this show...haha. All in all the night was fun, I had not hung out with them for a little while. Catching up is always a good thing.

Friday I was headed to New York for my cousin Roberts wedding. It was completely wonderful. The brides dress was gorgeous..as always. She wore a simple white dress that came to a v in the front, which made the dress very elegant. Then down the back was a trail of buttons, when I saw that I though OMG how long did it take to do all of them, it must have taken at least an hour. The bridesmaids wore simple tea length turqouise type of dress that was strapless. Definitely a dress that you could reuse..haha.The Ceremony started at 3pm and of course we ended up getting to the church late, due to an accident that involved a car going up in flames. Although I assure you we did not find that out until we got back to the hotel before the recepton. It was on the news and I felt horrible for complaining in the backseat of my father's car because it was to hot. While I was complaining about being hot and in a dress someone could have neem dieing or seriously injured.

The reception was a lot of fun. I was able to sit at the adult table..haha. My cousins and I were like yea man we're moving up in the world. There was tons of dancing...the groomsman were insane. One of them loved doing the worm, which always made me laugh. I even danced with my Uncle Bobbie which was an experience...haha. But it was fun none the less. By the end of the night I was really glad that we came. It was nice seeing family that I had not seen in a while. My older brother even came, which almost never happens. Him and family occasions don't mix and by the end of the night they were glad they decided to join the festivites. His girlfriend Bridget is one dancing fool, she doesnt need a man she is a force all on her own when she dances...haha.

Thats all for now!


p.s. I will have some pics posted from my bday and the wedding up soon :)

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