Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wilmington Here I Come...again!

Its official! I have booked the hotel and everything. I'm really going to Wilmington, NC and I could not be more excited! I don't even care if I end up going alone. I went there four years ago when I graduated high school, it just seems right for me to go four years later when the show is probably ending(although I am keeping my fingers crossed for a season 9, not quite ready to let the show go just yet). So if any Southern Gothic Friends or One Tree Fans are going to be around the week of March 7th till the 10th let me know, and if there are any places that I need to visit all suggestions and recommendations are welcome and encouraged. I seriously can not wait till I go, I feel like its Christmas all over again...haha. Hope your all having as wonderful of a Saturday as I am. :) Wishing everyone the best!

My friend and fellow SGP member Kasia made the delicious truffles for her fiance today! Don't they look absolutely mouth watering!

xo Kait

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