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Top 14 of 2014: Top 14 New to You Authors

Hey Everyone! I am excited to be partcipating in thr top 14 in 2014! Its always fun looking back and seeing what you've done through the year, what books you've read, etc included!

Today's topic is the Top 14 Authors New to You, that you've read in 2014! 


Tessa Bailey, I've only read one of her books so far but I am in love and shall definitely be reading more!  Her wedding series is to die for! Her stories are well thought out and she is for sure not lacking in creativity.  One of the reasons want to read more is to see what she has come up with in other books. She has a very easy to follow writing style that I enjoy immensely!  Not to mention the men in her books are just so full of bravado, courage, and just ooze sexy appeal! 



Ann Aguirre! I'm so glad that I found her books this year!  Thr characters are wonderful and you fall in love with each and everyone of them. Her 2B series is a phenomenal read! 


Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth! I absolutely loved these books. However I still have many feels in regurds to the ending. Those of you who have already read this series my feel and know my pain. For those who haven't yet, I hope that you will pick up and enjoy these great books. I will also say no more I order to save you from any spoilers that may spill out. 



Leila Howland, I actually found her sweet books by accident. I work for a local Barnes and noble and we get advanced copies of books all the time. I just happened to pick up her book Nantucket  Blue and fell I love with these coming of age stories.  I hope you will give them a chance.



This woman...Liz Long is wonderful! Her imagination and creativity in her writing is unbelievable! If you are looking for an original and expertly written books. You won't be sorry in checking this lady out! And also a big thanks to Ethan over at One Guys Guide to Good Reads for introducing me to her!



Chelsea Fine! Her Finding Fate series is so good! All of her charactere just drag you in. From page one your hooked, and you must know more about these characters. I can't wait to read more of her books.


Tahereh Mafi, the only words that describe her series is WOW! Juliette from page one of Shatter Me draws you in. Wanting to n more about this mysterious girl who can't touch anyone. I immediately thought of Rogue from the XMen. Tahereh Mafi has a way of drawing you in and never letting go. I read these books months ago and I am still thinking about them.



J. Lynn or as others known her Jennifer L. Armentrout is one talented writer. I read all of her Wait For Me Series in a week! I could not get enough of her characters and her writing style.  I am a big fan of contemporary romance as well as NA and this series was no let down.



Rachel Van Dyken, her is a lady that can get you blood pumping and heart racing.  And definitely in the good kind of way! I just started reading her books this month and I had to put her on this list!  Go and check her books out!



Krista & Becca Ritchie! I'm literally as I write this in the middle of reading this book and have already bought book two! I was recommended this series by these two authors by a couple of people and one of them being a cohosh to this event. Kim from Kimberlyfaye Readscould not stop chatting about it with friends of ours. So I had to go and pick it up! So glad I did! 



Robin York, I started reading her books because I won Deeper as part of a giveaway done by another author Cora Carmack. Now I can't stop.  She needs to write more books because I am starting to go through withdrawl. Caroline and Wests story was just so raw and captivating I couldn't stop reading it. Both books,  the second book is called Harder.



Laura Kaye, between her and Tessa Bailey I don't know who makes me blush more!  Lol. They both write some sexy stuff. I've only read this book in the Wedding Series, but I shall be more books of her read. I can assure you guys of that. There is some great mixture of all things that us ladies like in our romance novels! 



Colleen Hoover! I like to call her my emotional Rollercoaster! If your in the mood for a ride pick up anyone of her books and your in for a treat.  One minute your hapoy, the next your sad, and then your angry. I read two of her books in a week and was an emotional wreck. You really need a day or so to recharge the batteries, but it's so worth it because she is such a good sorry teller. And also RIDGEEEE !



K.A. Robinson,  another author that drew me in from getting and ARC from work.  Her book looked interesting from the back, but is so much more once you get inside. There is a lot of drama and angst but all things happen in the book for a reason. Not just to happen for the sake of the story so to speak. And when I learned that there was going to be more then just the one boo


This list is in no specific order. These are just 14 of the many wonderful authors that I have read this year! Sadly I could not name them all! However, go and show them some love by checking out thier books!  

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  1. Krista & Becca!!! Ann Aguirre! Tessa Bailey!!! Leila Howland! Chelsea! Tahereh! Robin! Laura! Colleen! You discovered some *awesome* authors this year.

  2. haha I couldnt agree with you more!! They are pretty awesome!! Im so glad Im participating in this!:)