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Taylor Swift Book Tag

Created by The Book Life, this is a fun and creative way to pair novels with Taylor Swift songs! And  who doesn't love a good T-Swift song? Ok maybe not everyone...haha. My good friend Kim over at Kimberlyfaye Reads tagged me. I am a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift, so I knew I had to take part in the this and it seemed like a lot of fun!

1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Pick a book (or book series) that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with.

Ugh Veronica Roth,  how I loved these books till I heard about the end.  I have not been able to get through this whole novel since.  There are things you just don't do in a series,  and now I am forever ruined. 


2. Red: Pick a book with a Red cover.

I know that the cover isn't entirely red,  but I absolutely LOVE this book. It's one I think about often. Believing that even though the book has stopped,  the lives of these characters live on.  That their life is still moving forward even though we can't see it.   


3. The Best Day: Pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic.

I read this book in College, but while reading it I yearned for my younger days.  When life wasn't so complicated.  It reminded me of fun vacations with the family, and marching band practice in the fall during high school.    


4. Love Song: Pick a book with forbidden love.

*spoler alert* What's more forbidden then the teacher/ student romance.  Now I know what your thinking and it's not like that.  I never thought that I wound ever read a book where that wouldn't freak me out. But, Ward did an excellent job at writing these characters and story. There is also so much more you get from the book than this forbidden relationship between Emma and Landon!   


5. I Knew You Were Trouble: Pick a book with a bad character you couldn't help but love.

Oh Ward, what started out as hate. It quickly turned to love, the more we got to know him. Tahereh Mafi did an absolute job writing his character. Ward shall hold a special place in my heart forever! 


6. Innocent: (written b/c of Kanye West!) Pick a book that someone ruined for.
I had ruined the previous book for my older brother,  so when this one came out he made sure to return the favor.  Needless to say I was devistated when he told me.  Even though I knew it had to happen, I still love this book. A definite must read,  book and series.  


7. Everything Has Changed: Pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development.

In terms of character development, the first couple/ series that came to mind was this book. The way that Lily and Lo grow from the beginning of this book is amazing. Especially since their characters continue to grow even beyond this book.They have come such a long way since book one. Krista and Becca Ritchie did a phenominal job at writing these characters! This is a MUST READ series!


8. You Belong With Me: Pick your most anticipated book release.

Ahhhh! The release of this novel can not come soon enough!  I am in love with the relationship between Rose and Connor. Even though I love all the character's of this series and novel.  The mystery that is Connor Cobalt, I need more!  Krista and Becca Ritchie know how to write some amazing characters! 


9. Forever And Always: Pick your favorite book couple.

 Now, I wish that I could choose all of them. Since there are too many to have a favorite.  But when I said the question out loud Golden Boy Cade and Angry Girl Max, aside from Noah and Allie to pop in my heard.  Hence this being my pick. Cade was the first Cora boy I read and he hasn't left my heart since.  


10. Come Back, Be Here: Pick the book you would least like to lend out, for fear of missing it too much.

RIDGEEEEE!!!! Sorry had a fan girl moment. I recently bought this book and fell in love with it. If it were to get ruined while being lent out to a friend I would be devastated. I have had to many bad experiences to lend this book out.


11. Teardrops On My Guitar: A book that made me cry a lot.

Now there are lots of books that have made me cry a lot. However, I just watched the movie for the first time today. So it was fresh in my mind,  I did a lot of crying,  and I absolutely love this book! #Okay,okay 


12. Shake It Off: A book I love so much I just shake off the haters

I remember reading this series in high school and just absolutely loving it. And it shall always hold a special place in my heart because of that. I still watch the movies from time to time and enjoy them. 


13. Blank Space: My favorite autographed book.

This was another hard choice to make. I have so many books that I love autographed. This was one that I most recently read and just got autographed. Not to mention I just LOVE Cam and Avery! They are seriously the cutest!


14. Welcome To New York: My favorite setting

When it comes to my favorite setting I love the beach! So having this novel set in the summer at the beach was my cup of tea. I have also always wanted to visit Nantucket, so this was a total no brainer.


15. Today Was A FairyTale: My favorite Retelling

What I am about to say might shock you all. But I have yet to read a re-telling. So my choice for this one is a title that is on my TBR list. I have heard amazing review about this book series, and can not wait to dig in!


Now that too FOREVER, but was so much fun! Especially since I am a big Taylor Swift fan!!! Please share your responses in the comments below. I look forward to reading and seeing them all!! 

I am tagging Stephanie of  Smart & Savvy with Stephanie

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy Reading!


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