Friday, April 25, 2014

Football Friday: Meet the Bad Boys of All Lined Up Silas & Levi + Giveaway

Hey guess what day of the week it is?! Oh I'm just to excited, so I'll just tell you! Eek! Its FRIDAY! And we all know what that means!!!

And this week we are introducing Silas Moore and Levi Abrams! The bad boys of Cora Carmack's new Rusk University Series, All Lined Up! 

And who doesn't love a good bad boy? Am I right? One of the best parts of  All Lined Up I think (except for the whole romantic and adorable love aspect.)  In this story however we don't just get one bad boy, we get TWO and they just happen to be best friends, 

Now without fufurther adeau

The first and my personal favorite bad boy that I would like to introduce you to is Silas Moore!
We are first introduced to him at a Frat party. When he makes the big mistake of pissing off our heroine Dallas by being a huge Jerk! Now to figure out what he did exactly, you are going to have to go to Amazon/ Barnes & Noble to figure it out. ;)

Hunter Parrish is one of my favorite candidates for Silas. Feel free to post in comments who you think you would like most for Silas. 

One of the things that I love most about Silas, is that he is such a multi-dimensional character. When you first meet him he is an arrogant, self centered, charming, and confident asshat! Now as you get to know him a little better throughout the story, you figure out there is much more to that exterior personality. Which is why I got so excited when I heard that Silas was going to be the main focus of the next book in the Rusk University series All Broke Down.

and last but not least

Then the next Gentleman, or should I say Football player/Bad Boy is Levi Abrams. Who is the ex-boyfriend of our heroine Dallas. I hate to say this, but there really are no good qualities to Levi. Except for the fact that he is really hot and plays football. 

Unfortunately he is just the all around american douche bag! The total love'm and leave them kind of guy. The only person he is interested in impressing is Coach Cole, who ends up being his coach again after accepting the head coach position at Rusk.The only thing that makes me sad about Levi is I think he allowed the pressure of being a " football star" get to him. Which leads to a road much less traveled. 

As you can see my perfect choice for a Levi is most definitely Michael Trevino, and if you are Vampire Diaries fan you will understand completely. My perfect description of Levi would have to by Tyler season 1 of TVD. Just like that except without having that sweet side we all love.

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Thanks for stopping by! I hope that these bad boys were enough to entice you to go and pre- order All Lined Up! 

And if that isnt enough, by doing so you get a never before published Bliss and Garrick scene! 

How generous is our Cora Carmack! Isn't she just the best.

Come back next week for another character introduction! 

Till then!

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