Friday, April 11, 2014

Football Friday: Meet Dallas+ Giveaway!

Just in case you missed it, last week Football Friday's were created to introduce to you many of the wonderful characters of the new novel All Lined Up, by Cora Carmack! Carson McClain was our first Football Friday character and this week I bring you the main heroine herself, Dallas Cole!

A feisty red head, who is beyond brutally honest and a tad bit insecure.When it comes to being emotional, that's best to be left to her dancing. It's how our heroine likes to work through all of her emotions. Dallas' motto is kind of like Elsa from Frozen. Conceal don't feel because if you don't give yourself a chance to feel anything you can't get hurt. Being raised by a football coach her whole life she's learned to have tough skin. 

Known all her life as "Coach Cole's Daughter" she has wanted to break out of her father's shadow. Not having her life revolve around football, and not having to worry about anything getting back to her father. Knowing after graduation she would be able to do just that, graduation could not come soon enough. That is until her father accepts the head Coach's position got it Rusk University. The one place she thought she would get her freedom, and maybe just maybe get a date!

Instead it feels like high school all over again, with life constantly being about football.  Even going to her first Frat party with PIC (partner in crime) Stella become anxiety ridden, but she soon realizes the best thing Stella could made her do.

Its where she meets Carson McClain, and of course he has to be a football player. Even though she feels this attraction that she has never felt before towards anyone....she doesn't date football players. Been there done that, not a good idea.

But can her love for dance, and wanting to not be know as "Coach Cole's daughter" win out.

My favorite part about Dallas is that I could see a little bit of myself in her. I think that all of us are a tad bit insecure, especially when it comes to the dating world. Not wanting to get hurt so we keep certain folks at arms length, ok maybe its just me. Not only that but also wanting to find her place in the world. I think we all can relate to that, and I could not help but want to be her. 

I hope that you've been won over by Dallas, but if you haven't come back next week for a new character introduction. I have no doubt that we will win you over.  ;)

Now time for the giveaway! 

Also you can pre-order All Lined Up at Amazon/ Barnes and Noble. With doing so you will get a never before read scene from Losing It, between Garrick and Bliss. I dont know about you but I cant get enough of those two and miss those characters. If your feelings are the same as mine, its a win/win situation. :)

Now if you must know more, and I know that you do! You can check out All Lined Up on Goodreads, and read the first thirty four pages!

I just want to say Thank you to Kim for the wonderful teaser graphics! They are so completely perfect for Dallas! And another Thanks to you for stopping by! Make sure you go and check out the other street team members as well. :)

Cora Carmack (Our wonderful leader and author)

Much love,

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