Monday, September 14, 2009

No respect for Kanye West!

The VMA's was on last night and something happened thatI felt the need to blog about. I'm not sure who all was watching it last night, but I'm sure sure its been seen on the news.

Last night Taylor Swift had won the first award of the night BEST FEMALE VIDEO. She was up on stage giving her speech and thanking everyone, when Kanye West decided to come up on the stage and interrupt her by saying
"Taylor I'm really happy for and I'll let you finish, but I just wanted to say that Beyonce made the best video ever!"
Beyonce had the look of absolute horror on her face and poor Taylor! She looked soo sad!

What right did he have to get up on stage and ruin her moment. Yes,Beyonce is an amazing artist but again she didn't win, no matter his opinion! Taylor didn't vote for herself to win the award, infact she was not even expecting to win. I'm glad that he got kicked out, that stunt made me lose all respect for him! You just don't do that to someone.

I found out later that Beyonce had won some award and she brought Taylor up on the stage and said "Have your moment!" I thought that was totally sweet of her, considering she was never in the wrong. I think that Kanye should write her a personal apology, apologizing for his behavior! That's the least he could do.

All I have left to say is Taylor you deserved that VMA and don't let what that jerk said get to you! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!


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  1. I totally agree with that. I was mad as hell when I saw that. I mean I like Beyonce and I like Taylor, but it was Taylor's moment.

    Big up to Beyonce for giving Taylor her moment. That was awesome!!