Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blast from the Past

Hey guys,

So today I'm hanging out with my friends and I get this notification from facebook on my phone. It was a friend request from someone that I have not talked to in years! I'm not gonna name names, but she was a really good friend of my mom's and she has known me since I was practically born. After she got married we all kind of lost touch.

I mean we tried to get in touch, but it just never happened. We were all sad when that happened because all of us were so close. She was over all the time, took me to my riding lessons. It felt like we lost a member of the family.

I remember this one time we were driving either to or from her house and she stopped the car. She put me on her lap and let me steer the car the rest of the way. It wasn't much but it's something I will always remember.

So today when I saw that it was her, I just could not believe it. Facebook is amazing in that way, allowing old friends to reconnect. I know that my mom is going to flip when she hears this story.

I hope now that we have found each other and gotton back in touch. We won't loose contact again.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day :).


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