Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So a while back I asked all OTH fans to come together so we could save the show and get it the back 9! Well thankfully for all us OTH fans we won that battle and got the back 9 and a full season 8! Now I am asking that all those same people to come together and save another show from extinction. A new show that has only been around for 1 season, currently in season 2. That show would be LUX. It has warmed its way into all of our hearts and we can not allow such a wonderful show to be cancelled. We all have to pull together and use our voices to get another wonderful its back 9. So Please make sure that you are trending on twitter and watching the show. Make sure that the people over at the CW Network know that we all love this show. Nothing is set in stone yet, we still have time to save this show! Lets get to work guys, I know that we can do it! :)

xo Kait

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