Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Days of One Tree Hill

30 Days of One Tree Hill
 Day 01- Favourite Season:  I can not just pick one, I LOVE them all! 
Day 02- Least Favourite Season: None! 
Day 03- Favourite Episode: Thats like asking my favorite season, I LOVE them all and I can not choose just one!
Day 04- Favourite Male Character: Nathan Scott
Day 05- Favourite Female Character: Haley James Scott & Brooke Davis
Day 06 – Least Favorite Character:  Nanny Carrie
Day 07- Favourite Couple Other Than Naley:  ahhh I love them all I can't choose!
Day 08- Least Favourite Couple: Dan and Rachel
Day 09 – Favorite Tree Hill Parent: Karen Roe
Day 10 – Favorite Recurring Character: Mia Catalano
Day 11 – Best Psycho/Troublemaker: Derek Sommers/Ian Banks
Day 12 – Most Kick-Ass Brooke Moment: Kicking Xavier’s ass and saving Sam!
Day 13 – Haley’s Fiercest Moment: Punching the lady who lied about being pregnant with Nathan’s child (season 7)
Day 14 – Worst Thing to Happen to Peyton: Losing Ellie :(
Day 15 – Most Awesome Nathan Moment: Finally making it to the NBA!
Day 16 – Lamest/Douchiest Lucas Moment: Getting pissed at Haley for liking Nathan
Day 17 – Most Evil Dantichrist Moment: Shooting Keith
Day 18 – Best/Worst Thing That Almost Caused Nathan and Haley to Break Up: Chris Keller
Day 19 – Worst Storyline: Was there ever one? NO!
Day 20- Funniest Episode: When Haley, Quinn, and Brooke decide to become superheros. 
Day 21 – Saddest Episode: Its between Episode 3.16  and Episode 8.11( the hurricane episode), I cry every time I watch those two episodes. 
Day 22 – Best Road Trip: Brooke, Quinn, Lauren + Alex to Puerto Rico 
Day 23 – Best Nathan and Haley Moment: When Nathan finally made it into the NBA and came home and told Haley!
Day 24 – Best Party: Halloween Party at Tric in Season 3. When Haley was Sandy from Grease and Lucas was Tommy Lee.
Day 25 – Best Kiss: Nathan and Haley in episode 3.13( The Wind that Blew my Heart Away)
Day 26 – Best Fight: Clay, Julian, Nathan beat up Ian Kellerman!
Day 27 – Best Episode Title: Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace
Day 28 – Best Musical Moment: UFO Concert
Day 29 – Sexiest Nathan Moment: Boy Toy Auction
Day 30 – Why is One Tree Hill So Great? b/c you could find a little bit of yourself in almost every character. There was always something that happened in an episode that would touch a piece of you that reminded you of your own life. Made you feel that you weren't so alone in this world. Not to mention all the life lessons that were taught that will never be forgotten

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