Friday, April 25, 2014

Football Friday: Meet Stella + Giveaway

Hello fellow readers! Another week has gone by and we are at another Football Friday! This week I am proud to introduce to you the best friend of our heroine in All Lined Up, and her name is Stella Santos!

(By: Amber Noffke)

The best word that I could think of to describe her would be firecracker. She has one hell of a personality. She is the girl that all the guys wanna date, and all the girls want her personality ( or maybe that just me..haha.)

 When Stella walks into a room she exudes confidence, which I myself wish I had. She definitely knows how to make an entrance! She knows who she is and what she wants, and doesn't care which other people think.

( by: Kim Baker)

She is always there for Dallas no matter what, and is extremely protective. Especially when it came to Dallas meeting Carson. She was ready to beat the crap outta him if he hurt her.

 They have been friends since high school. They have been through so much together. She is always trying to get Dallas to loosen up and have some fun, while Dallas tries to rein in the wild side that is Stella. They balance each other out, which is why I think their friendship is one of my faves!

( by: Yvette Cervera)

( by: Kim Baker)

If you have been enjoying all of these wonderful character introductions, make sure you enter the giveaway below. For a chance to win your very own copy of All Lined Up before its release on May 13th. 

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Cora Carmack (Our wonderful leader and author)

Giveaway Time!

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Make sure you go and pre-order All Lined Up at Amazon/ Barnes and Noble. With doing so you will get a never before read scene from Losing It, between Garrick and Bliss. I dont know about you but I cant get enough of those two and miss those characters. If your feelings are the same as mine, its a win/win situation. :)

And make sure you come back next week for an all new character introduction. :) 

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