Friday, October 17, 2014

Football Friday & Giveaway: Meet Dylan Brenner from All Broke Down

Hey Lovelies! Its that time again! I am happy to bring you Football Friday's once again! This week I am excited to introduce to you our main heroine of All Broke Down, Dylan Brenner!

Dylan is your all around good girl, activist, and fighter for all lost causes. She's the girl with a "plan." Usually listening to what her parent have to say and worrying about what they would think.  Staying out of trouble for most of her life. Dating the the so called "right" guy, or at least who she thought was the right guy.

It isn't until she finds herself in quite the predicament with her friend Matt that she realizes that she needs more. That she hasn't really been "living" and she needs to get her life under control.

Then enters the picture Silas Moore! And in jail no less! The one and only time the Dylan acts out she ends up in JAIL! She's completely mortified and embarrassed. 

But Silas see's Dylan as a way to better himself. That despite his troubled past she might be the one thing in his life to make everything ok! That her goodness will start to rub off on him and turn his life right side up.

I can not wait for you guys to meet Dylan. I just know that you guys are gonna love her as much as I do. 

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and now its time for what you have all been waiting for!!!

Make sure you stop by again next week to meet the main man himself! Silas Moore!!!
Eeep! I'm soo excited!!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!


p.s. And a big thank you to Aidan Paulmomma for creating those wonderful graphics!

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