Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crusing to Alaska(Part 2)

So this is going to say this is being posted on August 22 but I am actually posting this on 09-02-10. I am so sorry that this post has taken so long to post.

The beginning of the post begins

Back again as promised with some more pictures and details about my trip to Alaska. In the last entry I talked about the first three days of the trip and the first two days on the actual ship. If you count the day we boarded.

Day 3(on the ship)

We docked in Juneau, Alaska, which we all know is the capital. Since I was on this trip with my school choir there was not a lot of free time on this day. the choir was scheduled to sing at a local church for a 5pm mass and had to be there by 3pm there was no time to schedule any excursions on our own. So the school went ahead and scheduled one for the whole group. Which I was pretty excited about, we went and saw Mendenhall Glacier. it was absolutely beautiful. The view seriously looked the view in the Sound of Music. I took pictures of course to show you all, but in no way will it do the view proper justice.

It was so cool going and seeing the glacier. When we went into the visitors center she said that the weather they were having while they were there was warm for them. That on hot days they go and swim in the glacier water. I could not have even imagined that, I was wearing a shirt, sweat shirt and a windbreaker...haha. It was cold, but I guess they are used to that up there. They would have to be.

From the Glacier we went to the church where we were scheduled to sing. We stopped to grab some food on the way. When we got to the church it was absolutely gorgeous. I only wish that I had taken pictures inside the church. It was one of the most modern churches that I have ever seen and it was in Juneau, Alaska....haha. (Random fact did you know that Juneau is the only capital in the USA that you can not drive into, you have to be flown in or take a boat. I thought that was so neat). When you walked in the pews were set up in like a triangle set up. There were pews on either side of the church across from each other, then a set along the back wall. Then the alter was in the center of the church. It was really neat and I enjoyed singing there, hopefully if we ever go back we can sing there again.

Sorry again for the long wait guys. Part 3 will be up in a few days.

xo Kait

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