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Crusing to Alaska(Part 3)

Back with another update on my trip. I've decided that for this entry I would use more pictures than anything to explain the last few days of my drip. We left off in Juneau, Alaska. Once the performance was over we headed back to the ship for the night and following day. What was really nice about being on the ship we didnt have to rush around, we just got to relax and there was a show that was performed in the theatre that they had on the ship. The first show that they had was called "Piano Man" I bet you can guess what that show was all about...haha. Yess it was all of the major hits of Billy Joel. It was really neat. The second show that we saw was a western and that was really neat aswell, I actually have pictures of that show.

Glow in the dark cowboy suits, how cool is that. It was the neatest thing to see live! Wish the picture could do it better justice.

This guy could play the fiddle like no other, he was amazing!!!!

The Piano Man show took place on July 26th and the Western show was on July 28th
. They were both spectacular.

The night after the Western Show my mother and I decided to stay and see what e
lse was going on in the theatre. This is at about 10 o'clock at night. It turned out that a version on the newlywed game was going to be played, with people from the audience. It was amazing, they needed 3 couples. One couple that had been newly married, a couple that had been married between 10-30 yrs, and lastly a couple 50 yrs or more. They did the oldest couple first and they had been married for 40 or 50 years and were from Utah. They were so sweet to each other and the best part was they had one of their children in the audience with his Our cruise director Carly was like "now there are going to be parts of the show when Auntie Carly is going to tell you to cover your ears, its for your own good." You had to be there but it was hysterical. Then there was the middle couple, in order to get picked the guy picking the couples on stage had the couples act out a scene. He told the couples " pretend that your in a movie and your acting out that passionate kissing scene, the one the audience likes the most gets to play." So all of the couples were pretty much pg-pg13, then their comes this other couple and I will never forget his name...oh dave...haha. Him and his wife used the stairs for the stage as a prop. She ran up the stairs and Dave ran after her while taking his shirt off and started making out with his wife. Let me just tell you it was quite the scene. I kept telling my mom "I cant handle this!" The way they picked the newly married couple was hysterical though. The husband had to be Tarzan and the wife of course had to be Jane. The wife had to say "Tarzan, Tazan! Where's my Tarzan" and "Tarzan" could say whatever he wanted. Well all of the couples had gone and there was only one left but the woman's husband had gone for drinks. She's like I can play both parts Im very versatile. The guy on stage is like ugh...I dont think so unless your husband comes back your gonna have to pass. Thankfully the woman's husband comes back and he has no idea whats going on. The guy on stage is like "so you ready Tarzan" and the guy just has this blank stare on his face, like what has my wife gotten me into. The guy finally agrees to go along with it and they act out the scene and some one else yelled the guys part for It was great, they ended up doing it again and winning. The whole game was amazing, everyone was cracking up.

The next day the 29th of July we landed i
n Skagway, Alaska. I swear it was the smallest town that I have ever been to in my life. My mom and I got up early that morning and went on our planned excursion. We went on a Ghost/Brothel Museum tour. It was hysterical, our tour guide made us create our own Lady of the Night names (thats what they were called back in the day Its the name of your first pet and the name of your street, mine was Bunny Mulberry St.

Our tour guide

A real life Brothel house, no longer in use of course. There is an interesting story, when they moved the Red Onion to this corner the moved it backwards. So they cut of the back and the front and switched it, because it was easier than turning the whole thing around.

This was their version of a billboard. They would paint their companies name on the side of the mountain.

The next day July 30th was spent at sea. There really wasn't much that was done during the day. But that night after dinner there was the choir's performance. We spent the day practicing and it was super hard trying to sing on that stage. That night when we were singing the choir was swaying so badly that the whole choir was moving, but we were luckily moving the same

Our beautiful choir in the Broadway Melodies theatre on the ship.

Then the next place we went was Victoria, BC. This was by far my favorite place the entire trip. This was also the last time that we docked before we made it back to port i
n Seattle, WA. The choir sang in this beautiful park. Sadly the whole time we were there it was rainy and muggy, but we sang and it was awesome! The town was so beautiful and the houses were adorable. I kept telling my mother that I wanted to live on one of their houses. It was like going back in time a little. It was also Canada Day while we were there, which was awesome! I have never seen so many people involved in an independence day anywhere. Not even here in the good old U.S.A. But it was so neat, there were musicians on the street playing music, everyone was wears either red or white. It was so nice to see. We went on a tour of the city after getting something to eat.
That was all that we had time for before w
e had to get back to the ship. After that we spent the next day and a half on the ship.

The night before we docked was so much fun. After the choir went to dinner and changed there was this game called "The Quest." Im not sure if any of you have heard of it before but it is the funnest game that I have ever played. They divide the room up into 6 or 7 teams depending on the amount of people. We were team 2 and it was great
. They had us do the most outrageous things..haha.

For instance the one task was a man had to fun up to the center of the dance floor holding 6 bra;s in his hand. I have never seen women take off their bras as fast as the woman on our team Another task was two men had to be wearing the same pair of pants and skip around the dance floor. Another one was the shortest person from your group had to run up to the center of the dance floor. Of course that was Sadly I did not win :(. But everyone had so much fun and its an experience that I will never forget. I only wish that I had gotten

Thats the end of my trip! It was a trip that I am never gonna forget. I encourage all of you to go and visit these places. They are filled with wonderful stories and wonderful people. You wont regret it. The guy who gave us our tour in Victoria, BC was actually going to be going on the same exact tour that we were on, it was the funniest thing.

Thats all for now, I'll probably post some more pictures either later tonight or tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone
xo Kait

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