Sunday, June 14, 2009


Last night I was sitting a my friend Kim's graduation and it really got me to thinking as to how things have changed since I graduated. I was feeling very sad. Im coming up to my third year of college. These past 2 years have gone by so fast. and soon I am going to be out in the real world. Paying bills, looking for apartments, finding a job, etc.

I don't even know where to begin, there are just so many thing going around in my head that they probably wouldn't even make sense if I tried.

We are all growing up, and thats such a scary thing to me. I feel that I am losing a good friendship. She has gone away to school, and everyone in our group of friends can see that she has changed. Im afraid that she is going to make a new life up by her new school and not need us anymore. No one wants that to happen, but we don't know what do...we can't force her to come home if she really does not want to come home.

Not just that, but life scares me in general.

ok all better now...Besides making me sad, and possibly confused it also had me reminiscing about the past.

One of the memories that I thought of was, during my senior year my group of friends and I there was a trash can that we would always meet at between 9th and 10th period. Since I was the first to graduate, a year later we though about sneaking into the school one night and stealing it or all of us signing it somewhere.


During my freshman year we were all sitting at lunch and my friend Ashley had this salad container that had a button you would press that would release the salad dressing, the you would sake it up so everything would mix. Well on this one particular day I wanted to use the cool container, so she hands me the container and I am extremely hyper for some reason and as I am shaking I didn't realize that the lid was not on properly. The next thing I know I become a salad myself..haha. I have lettuce and salad dressing all over me.

Much love,

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