Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Without the Internet for 2 days

YaY!! I am so glad to be online, for the past 2 days my internet has been down. This entire post was written last night when I was going out of my mind with boredom. Its amazing how clear your mind can get after writing all of your feelings down. I really need to do this more often..haha.


So I am sitting in my bed right now going insane! I know this may sound trivial but I have no and I repeat NO internet at all, and let me tell you that does not make me a very happy person! Its all because of these stupid cable boxes that everyone need to get in order to go DIGITAL. That is such a load of crap that I totally feel the cable companies are using just to get more money out of people. Sorry if I sound a bit cynical right now, I am going through serious withdrawal…lol. Thankfully a technician is coming out tomorrow between 11 and 1pm. That time can not come soon enough!

There is a silver lining to all of this, I used to make fan videos all of the time. I have made Brucas, Naley, Like(Lindsay and Luke), and of course Leyton. Which actually surprised me because I was not a big fan of them at all. Total Brucas fan all the way over Now I still like them together, but I am beginning to like Brulian and Leyton. Anyway…got a little side tracked, lately I have had no inspiration to create any new videos, partially because youtube has gone completely psycho removing the music from everyone’s video’s. Well these past few days without the internet my inspiration has come back and I am working on a Leyton tribute video! I can not wait for you all to see it! J

I also wanted to let you all know about my job interview. I think that it went really well, I met with the manager Caroline. She was really nice, she seemed to be not to much older than me. We seemed to be getting a long quite well, which is always a good sign. She asked me all of the regular question. What type of experience did you have in your last job? What did you like most/least about your previous job? What do you know about theft prevention? At the end she gave me a slip of paper so I could go online and do a survey/questionnaire thing about my moods and behaviors. Some of those question were really bizarre and out Now supposedly I have to wait for Caroline’s boss to review everything and then is she likes me I will get called in for a second interview.

Now I just have to say a few things about the way that Lucas and Peyton left OTH. I know that at the time of filming Mark did not know if Hilarie and Chad were coming back for season 7. I just wish that things would have been done differently. There should have been a scene with Lucas and Haley, I mean I was glad that Karen was there along with the scene with Whitey and Dan but it has been Luke and Haley since the beginning of the show. It just didn’t seem right that they didn’t have a final scene together. Even Brooke and Peyton had a scene at the end, it wasn’t long but they were able to have sometime together. Another thing was Nathan getting into the NBA , it would have been nice to see him sharing the news with his brother. Everything else was done beautifully! Even though I still have many unanswered questions, I am sure that they will all be answered when the show returns. Until then I can wait.

One last thing, I just got done watching Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. How silly is that show, no pun intended for those who like the show; but the girl has a ton of money. Why would she need to be on MTV, all I have to say is DESPERATE. Its not even on something important, like anything on MTV is but most shows are not dumb. For instance The Hills, The City, 16 and pregnant….all of those at least have substance and are enjoyable to watch. Lord help us first Paris, what’s going to be put on tv next?

Thank you all for reading my ramble. I’ll give you your eyes back

Hope everyone has a wonderful day/night

Much love

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