Sunday, May 31, 2009

Victory is mine!! hehe

As you all know I have been looking for a new job for quit sometime now. I mean my friend Sarah and I have filled out a total of 12 applications each. When we were done my brain was completely drained. I felt like I had just finished the SAT's all over again..haha

Well me and my persistant nature...I ended up walking into one of the stores I applied to Claires and the girl working said that her manager would be in Saturday morning at 1 and to call. So I called Saturday at around 2pm and the manager actually picked up the phone, so I was able to talk to her. Her name was Caroline and she pulled out my application while I was on the phone...long story short...I have and interview TOMORROW!! :)

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up because I might not get the job, but I can not help Its the only responce that I have had since filling out all of those application almost 2 weeks ago. So keep your fingers crossed!



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