Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tis a sad sad day in the OTH World!

I am in complete and utter shock right now!! I just went on, and found out that it is in fact true that Hilarie as well as Chad are not returning to the show for its 7th season. They had an entire article that Hilarie did for Entertainment Weekly, which I get in the mail but anyway she talked about how horrible the rumors were and how she talked to many people before making her final decision.

You can read the whole article here
(There are spoilers in this article, so if you do not want to know I suggest waiting till after the season finale to read the article.)

It just makes me so sad!! I mean do not get me wrong I absolutely adore the other characters they each bring their own little thing to the group of the original five characters of the show. Without Lucas and Peyton that means that 2 of the original 5 are gone. I know stating the obvious here, and not to mentioned all of the unanswered questions that are going through my mind! What is going to happen to the show? What new characters are going to be replacing them?Will they ever come back to do guest appearences?

Lucas and Peyton brought so much to the show. Peyton had her art and her music. I can not say how many wonderful bands were intriduced to me because of the character Peyton Sawyer. The same goes for Lucas instead of music he had is literature. So many wonderful books have been brought to my attention over the last 6 years. Not to mention thier whole love story, now they are finally happy and we're not gonna get to see it! That makes me a little angry, granted I admit that I was not the bigggest Leyton fan but they have really grown on me. Its just not going to be the same with out seeing them every week. They can try to bring in new characters to replace them, but nothing or no one will be able to do that job.

I know that people have been talking about this for months now, but its one thing to hear people talk about it and a something completely different to see it with your own eyes. I guess I was hoping that what was being said was not true. So I guess you could say that I was in complete denial. Having said that I fully support both Chad and Hilarie in their decision to leave the show. Even though I may not like it, but only good things will come out of it, for instance now Hilarie will have more time to focus on SGP and other projects that she might also be working on. It was also really sweet of her to take the time to do an interview to dispelling all of the rumors that have been flying around the web. I wish them both the best of Luck in all of their future endeavors and can not wait to see what Mark Schwan comes up with next!

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  1. hey Kaitlyn, didn't you see the vlog Hil posted about this in the SGP blog? She told us there that she wouldn't be coming back, but she' like ud to keep watching the show to support the rest of the cast. I think it'll be hard for me, I'm a huge Leyton fan, have loved them both from the start, and I wonder where the show will go without its 2 -really big- main characters, cause let's face it, OTH was basically all about them. Brook and Haley and Nathan too, but they were not as big as P and L. My opinion.