Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live Free and Prosper

Since I do not have a job right now the last thing I should be doing was going to the But since I am such a movie buff I could not help myself.

I have seen 2 movies in the past 3 days, and only one of them was work seeing. The first one being Star Treck and the other being Obsessed.

Star Treck let me tell you was AMAZING. JJ Abrams did a SUPERB job at turning the old tv show into a movie. When I was little I was never a huge fan of the show, in fact I hated it. I know can you hate Star Treck? Thats like saying that I hated Star Wars, which I love by the way. But it was so cool going and watching everything that I remembered about the show unfold. The special effects were really cool, and there were some parts that were hilarious.

I would definitely pay to go and see it again. That is how good it was, and I do not do that for many movies. My favorite line besides Spock's "Live Free and Prosper" would be the infamous "Beam us up Scotty!" I encourage everyone to go and see this movie, its still good even if you know nothing about the tv show. Chris Pine does an AMAZING job at playing Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Now Syler from Hero's (don't know his real name),Mr. Nick Grey's favorite person was great at playing Mr. Spock, before he became Mr. Spock..haha. He by far was my favorite before Captain Kirk of course. I am totally jealous at the cool hand thing they can do, I have tried over and over again but it just does not happen. My friend Rachel was cracking up.

Now as for the other movie..that did not go so well.

I love Beyonce I do, but she has got to pick better movies. The same goes for Ali Larter who also plays in Hero's. The plot of the movie was good, I will give it that but it was so slow paced. It felt like the movie last for 3 hours when it was only like and hour and a half. Although there were some parts that were really creepy. Certain scenes could have come out of real life situations. The one that stands out in my mind the most is where Beyonce and her Husband go out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. They leave their son with their usual babysitter, and the woman who has been stalking Beyonce's husband goes to the house pretends to be a friend of the family and goes us and takes the baby. Granted she didn't take him away from the house, but when they got home he was missing and was found in the husbands car. That is just too scary, and the funny the was that when the crazy woman pretended to call Beyonce and her husband and asked the babysitter is she wanted to talk to them she said no. Now if that had been me I would have say YES!! That was jsut a silly mistake on the babysitters part. The last ten minutes were the best part of the whole movie. Things finally got to moving along and getting to the point. This movie I would recommend renting and watching, but it is not worth spending ten bucks to go and see the movie in theater's.

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