Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boston Final Part

Hello All :)

It has come to the end of my trip to Boston :(. I kind of wish that I was there still, because a few days ago we had a picture party for the choir. People had brought doubles of there pictures that they had taken and showed them to everyone, and my fear has come true. I earlier told you about how one of the directors Dave might be leaving the choir. Well, sadly it has come to the light and its true. He chose the picture party to tell everyone that he would be leaving, but it was not because he wanted to but because he was offered a wonderful job at Valley forge Christina Military Academy. We are all so happy for him and glad that he has found such a great opportunity, he will be sadly missed but his presence will not be lost. He has promised to come and visit along with attend our concerts that we have a Christmas and in the spring. :)

ok now onto Boston...Day 4

The last two days of the trip were very hectic. That Saturday morning we all actually got to sleep in a little bit but as soon as we got up we had to head to this place called Quincy Market. That was actually where the Cheers bar is, we at there that past Friday! It really is the cutest place. There are so many places to eat walk around, along with lost of street vendors. We all sang there and then we had free time afterward that was really nice. We walked around and I ended up spending $40 dollars on a piece of cloth that was absolutely the worst purchase I could have made in my life. It was one of those pieces of cloth that can do like a hundred different things and when its being shown to you it looks really cool and neat. Then you buy it and try to do it yourself and your like FML because it does not work the same way for you as it did for the vendor. I swear every time I think of that purchase or see that piece of cloth my blood pressure goes up..haha. Aside from that the day was great, weather was absolutely beautiful. I was able to get a few things for my family and some of my friends. I got my friend a stuffed Lobster and it was really funny because I had originally wanted to get him a t-shirt and asked him his size. His response was " not gonna tell be creative i would b for you" I was not very happy with this So I told him " you either tell me what your size is or your getting a lobster." His response to this was "ohhh i luv lobster" Lo and behold he had no idea that he was actually getting a stuffed animal and not a real lobster. He was very surprised when he saw what I had gotten him..haha.

Day 5

Now this day as fast paced as it was had to have been my favorite! On the last day of this trip we got to sing in the Old North Church, you know where the old "One by Land, Two by Sea" came from. This church is absolutely BeAutiful! Since it was a part of the freedom trail while we were waiting for the Sunday service to start we got to hear some backround information on the church. Its not like any church that I have seen, there aren't any pews like in a regular church but boxes with high walls and seats. Back in the olden days the preacher would stand high above the crowd and in order to sit in the church you had to buy your seat and the closer to the front you were the more money you had to pay. Once you bought your seat you could decorate it anyway you liked..they had an example of how one would be decorated for that time period but my feet were killing me so I just headed back to the bus. As wonderful and charming as this church was when you are wearing heals that you haven't broken in yet(bad idea) your feet will kill you because to get to the church you have to walk up this big hill. Its not that bad, could be worse but the shoes are what make the difference.

Then after the service we left and went to Newberry St, its supposed to be the 5th Ave of Boston. I thought that it was pretty neat, there were a ton and I mean a ton of shops. A lot of them were well known designers. Since the service at the church ran long, we didn't have a lot of time to explore. The only thing that was able to be done was get lunch, eat it, and then head back to the bus. I was pretty bummed about that but what can you do right? I'll go back there again on day.

I was pretty sad to have the trip end so soon. It felt that we had just gotten to Boston and here we were leaving. I am so thankful that I went on this trip. Especially now that we all know Dave is leaving. When he told us my heart almost broke. Don't get me wrong I am happy for him, but I feel that I am finally getting to know everyone and now here is goes leaving us. Life just isn't fair sometimes but I just have to remember its not like he's dieing. He's just moving on to bigger and better things. That its not the end its the beginning. :)

I hope that you enjoyed reading about my trip...I hope I didn't bore you to much :)

Much Love,

p.s. The rest of my pictures will be up on flickr. :)

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