Thursday, July 2, 2009

I think I'll go to Boston!

I know that I have mentioned it to a couple of people, but this past week I found my self in a city known as Boston, MA. I went there on a school trip with my choir. I must admit I was a little worried about how it might go, considering I have not really done much with the choir. I have been kind of putting it on the back burner, even though I really love to sing. This week I found out that there are a bunch a great people that make up this choir, and I wish that I had put more effort into getting to know these people sooner. Especially because once of the assistant directors might be leaving this year :(. He has not said anything yet, so keep your fingers crossed!

ok back to the

We left my school at 7 am on June 24th, which left me leaving the house at 5am because we had to be at the school by 6:15am in order to pack the bus. Our First stop once we got to Boston was to the Salem Witch Museum. It was a really neat place. When we first walked entered they put on a show for us that went through the whole Salem witch trails and what happened to some of the people. That was such a sad time, so many innocent people died and no one really new the truth until years later.

Also while we were there we walked by this really cool looking house. I thought it was so pretty that I just had to take a picture of it! The architecture up there is absolutely gorgeous. Then right across from the museum was the statue of Rodger Conant, who was the first settler of Salem. How cool is that!!!

Afterward we went to the hotel and everyone got settled in. It was so nice to finally get off that bus! Then for the last stop of the day we went to dinner at a restaurant called Maggianos and let me tell you it was no ordinary dinner..haha. Our waiter kept flirting with all of the girls at the table, and because he had I believe a french accent...all the girls were swooning. For desert he brought is like 5 pieces of cheesecake, that were huge! All of the girls kept cracking up because there was so much extra food that we had a whole bag filled almost to the top. I mean it might not sound as funny just hearing it, you definitely had to be there and not to mention I am the worst story teller ever! haha. But let me tell you we were all in stitches by the end of the night from laughing so hard! We all got a picture with him before we left, I wonder where I could find it? Since my camera died as soon as we got to the restaurant.

That night when we all got back to the hotel and the girls and I all ended up playing a game of rummy, which let me tell you I am horrible at. But none the less it was still a lot of fun. This girl named Jenn beat us every time..haha. It was still fairly early when we all hit the sack, which was weird because you would think that from sitting and sleeping most of the day on a bus you wouldn't be tired. Let me be the first to tell you, you are dead wrong. It wears you out to the point of exhaustion. Usually I can not fall asleep as soon as I lay in bed, but I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the

Hope ya'll had a good week!! :)

Stay tuned for more!


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