Friday, April 17, 2009

Boys and Sex

Remember that guy that I recently wrote about? Well, I recently went on my Easter break last week and school started back up this week. Last week my roommate and my suitmate went out to Applebee's with him and just hung out. It was last Tuesday the 7th if I remember correct, because it was the day I had my wisdom teeth taken out.

I found it kind of weird, because it was me that he was supposed to be liking, and I was
But during my Easter break last week I get a text from my roommate Katie asking her if I had any plans made with Mike. We actually did have plans for this past Monday. I was like yea, and she was like do you have three way calling? I said yes, and responded ok me you and kryssy tomorrow.

Long story short, she told me the next day through a text that I should cancel the plans, or make the for another time because her and kryssy needed to talk to me about Mike. Apparently when they were out at Applebee's he told them about how he was depressed, and that he had sex with these girls because he just didn't care about what happned to him. Thats not even the best part. They asked him..What are you looking for in a girl? He replyed with Cute, good sense of humor, likes to be out doors, and eventually will do somethings. Well "somethings" we to do with sex.

It really surprised me, because eventually he expected it. He said that it didn't matter right now, and that he wouldn't pressure me because I had never had sex before or done any other stuff. I just want to make it all known that I KO am waiting for Marrage, and all the extra stuff ain't happening eather. No disprespect to anyone, that just is not my cup of tea.

When they told me that I was like how stupid could he be?? I mean why would he tell the girl he supposedly likes best friends that he would eventually be expecting sexual favors? I mean come on like they would not have told me! So I have sadly decided that Mike is not the guy for me, because even if he says that he is ok with not doing that stuff...whose to say he won't pressure me about it later or make me feel guily. I am not going to put myself through that, its just not worth the anxiety.

What happened to sex being magical. Somthing that people did when they were truly in love, and wanted to show that person how much they were loved. Allowing that person to see a side of them that no one else gets to see? It just makes me so sad that sex has become so commercialized and that its not always though of as somthing sacred and beautful.

Hopefully someday I will find my Prince Charming, who will respect my beliefs and values. Someone who will be willing to wait for me, and want to wait for me because he loved me that much. I am praying for that day!

Much Love,
<3 Kait


  1. I'm sorry to hear he turned out to be one of THOSE guys. He sounded promising enough in your earlier post.

    It's good that you know who you are and what you want and won't settle for anything less. The right person will come along someday, have faith!


  2. good for you - stay true to YOU!

  3. So sorry that it happened that way. Some guys...ugh! Anyway, good for you for sticking to your beliefs!

    Someday the right guy will come and you'll know it especially because he'll love and Respect you and your beliefs!