Thursday, May 19, 2011

Phase One...Day 11

So I'm on day 11 of phase one, of the 17 day diet. I did something yesterday that I had originally told myself that I was going to wait for till the end of phase one. I decided to go and weigh myself. It had just been one of those days where I was just tired of doing this whole diet thing, and I had been thinking very negatively. Feeling like I'm doing all of this work and what if there has been no change? What if in 10 days I weigh myself and there has been no progress? I think that anyone who has been on a diet understands that feeling in one way or another. So I did it, I got on the scale and....

It turns out that all the veggie eating, walking, and sacrifice of junk food had paid off. I had lost 5lbs. Granted that's not a whole lot of weight loss, but it was the motivation that I needed to keep going on this plan. I meant it when I said I was no longer going to be the chunk girl. Now that I am out of nursing for the time being I am able to focus on myself for the summer. So that when I get back into school and graduate in my with psychology I will be ready to head back into nursing schook.

It was a tough blow for me to take when I found out that I was not going to be continuing with nursing this coming sxhool year after all of my hard work. But all thinga happen for a reason, I truly believe that and maybe this is the refining of a new road to happiness. Even though it might not feel that way right now.


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