Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We can not change be cards we are delt, just how we play the hand

Nothing is more truer in my life right now, than the title quote of this blog. Within the last two months so much has changed. I went down to Wilmington N.C. and had the most memorable experience ever during spring break. I met four of the cast members, the four of them being James Lafferty, Lee Norris, Lisa Goldstein, and the creater Mark Schwan. My mother and I also met a couple from Tennessee who just recently got engaged. We hung out a lot with them during filming of the show.

Aside from that exciting trip back in March a not so happy thing has happened just recently that I am still adjusting to and that would be the changing of my major. If you had asked six months ago, hell even a month ago I would have said that's completely crazy. Especially since it's four years into school. Things did not end up going as planned and as usual when life throws a curve ball you need to hit it out of the park or get hit. Well sadly I got hit and was required to change my major and switch to psychology. All hope is not all lost to me becoming a nurse. I plan on graduating next year with a Bachlor's in Psychology and then go and enter into another ASN program.

It's been hard to adjust but now that everything is all figured out it's gotten much easier. I'm not giving up on nursing, I've just hit a brick wall. In the words of Randy Paouch " Brick walls are not meant to keep us out, they are meant to show us how badly we want something and to keep the others out." The brick walls that I have hit along the way are just there to show me how badly I want to become a nurse and like I told my mother the other day, once I graduate the brick walls are coming down. Nothing is going to stand in the way of my dream!


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