Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Revelation

I wanted to post this yesterday, but my computer was acting funny. So hopefully it works this time, as the old saying goes Third times a charm...haha.

Life...So I have recently been thinking about my life. Especially after the death of Harry Kalas, and the recent episodes of One Tree Hill. The latest one just ripped my heart out. I found it so sad that Peyton was basically saying goodbye to all of the people that she loved.

Throughout the whole episode there were references of what all of the character had accomplished so far in their life. Then finding out Harry Kalas died today. He is like the voice of the phillies. He has been announcing for them since the 70's. Today they had a special about all the he has accomplished throughout his life.

It just got me thinking about my life. This may be a little self centered but if I died tomorrow what would be say about me? I haven't really accomplished much in my life, yes I know I am having a self pity party right now, and that I should be greatful that I am alive. That I live in a stable home and am surrounded by people who love and care about me.

I think that it why One Tree Hill and the death of Kalas has gotten me so freaked and thinking about life and death. I mean its so scary how fast things can be taken from you. I mean yesterday Harry Kalas was alive and well doing his job, and then all of the sudden today he collapses in the announcers box a little bit before the game.

I watched on Oprah that this woman was pregrant and had just given birth to a daughter and was recouperating, when the nurse said let me introduce you to your daughter. She was getting read to stand up when she felt dizzy. She ended up falling to the ground and dieing right there infront of the nurse. They found out late that she had a blood clot that they didn't know about.

Things like that really set you back to reality and make you see whats right in front of you. That you need to live your life in the present. That each moment counts, because you never know when it will be your last.

I am not a person who lives in the present, I over analyze things and think ahead or I live in the past. I would be a hypocrite if I was saying all of this and not doing or at least trying to take my own advice. So I am trying to leave each day as my last, and to take in each moment as it comes, and not worry about what other people thing.

Its taken me a long time to finally realize that you can't live your life for other people....life to short. So as of today, this moment...Im becoming my own person!

So take me or leave me as I am....

Much Love,

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