Friday, April 17, 2009

SoGoPro T-shirt!!!!

Today has been quite the day! First I find out that I aced my anatomy test, that I was only able to for 2 hrs. Woot go ME!! I have never gotten that high on an A&P test ever! I was totally stressing about that one! Then my mom comes home at school and we're talking in the car and she tells me "I almost forgot to tell you, you got a package in the mail yesterday."

When I heard that I was screaming WOOHOO at the top of my lungs. I swear I would have been doing the cabbage patch if I had not been in a car. People were looking at me like I was crazy through their I was like if only you knew what I was so happy about!

I really needed the t-shirt today, it was the perfect ending to one of the most stressful weeks ever!

Now all I have to do is find a poster frame to put it in, so I can hang it up somewhere. It needs to be where people can see Although I must admit I have no idea where to get one. So if any of you know a good place to find them please let me know! It would be GREATLY appreciated! :)

Hope all of you who ordered you t-shirts get them soon, and those of you who haven't you better get on J/k. But I do encourage all to get one! :)

Much Love,

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