Thursday, December 11, 2014

Book BOYFRIENDS from A to Z

Hello readers!

I was challenged by Ethan over at One Guy's Guide to Good Reads to post my own Book Boyfriends from A to Z. Post.

So here it is....

A - Augustus Waters (Fault In Our Stars), Adam Kent ( Shatter Me Series), Adam Wilde ( If I Stay Series)

B - Bennett Reyonlds (All of You)

C - Cade Wilson ( Faking It), Cameron Hamilton ( Wait For You), Christian Grey ( Fifty Shades Series),

D -  Drake ( Twisted Series), Dexter ( This Lullaby)

E - Edward Cullen ( Twilight Series)

F - Four (Divergent series), Finnick Odair (Hunger Games)

G - Garrick  Taylor ( Losing It), Gilbert Blythe (Anne Of Green Gables), Gideon Cross ( Crossfire Series)

H -  Harry Potter (Harry Potter Series), Heath Luck (House of Night Series)


J - Jackson Hunt ( Finding It),  Jax ( Stay With Me), Jasper ( Twilight Series)


L - Levi ( Best Kind of Broken), Loren Hale ( Addicted To You), Lucas ( Easy)

M - Miles ( Ugly Love)

N - Noah Calhoun ( The Notebook), Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter Series)

O - Owen (Just Listen)

P - Peeta (The Hunger Games Trilogy), Patch ( Hush, Hush)


R - Ridge ( Maybe Someday), Rob ( As Long As You Love Me), Ron Weasley (Harry Potter Series)

S - Stark ( House Of Night Series)

T - Travis " Mad Dog" Maddox ( Beautiful Disaster)

U - Uriah (Divergent series)


W - Warner Anderson ( Shatter Me Series), West Leavitt (Deeper)



Z - Zach ( Nantucket Series)

That was so much fun!!! 20 out of 26 is not so bad. I am quite surpirsed at myself. Feel free to comment with any names of book boyfriends that I might have missed. Also comment with your link below if you decide to take that challege. I would love to see all the names that you guys come up with!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Reading!


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